Remove Line Breaks in MS Word

      If you need to remove line breaks from text in MS Word you can do the next simple actions:

  1. Ctrl+A to select all text.
  2. Ctrl+H to open the Find & Replace dialog box. In "Find what", type "^p^p". The "^p" means a line break. In "Replace with", type "===". (This is to make sure that only single line breaks will be replaced.)
  3. Click on "Replace All".
  4. Do another search and replace. For "Find what", use "^p". For the replacement, use " " (space).
  5. Finally, we will replace the replacement above for two consecutive hard line breaks. Search for "===" and replace it with "^p".

Also you can use online service for remove line breaks

Remove Line Breaks with paragraph restoration
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Remove line breaks in MS Word - learn how to remove line breaks in MS Word.