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Hi, bhavana. I can't give you any code of texthandler.com.
Hi, this is Bhavana,We are doing a project to extract some required information from pdf files.We have gone through your website.And found some useful information from the links. It will be helpful for us if you send us the code for line breaks between paragraph.
It's really very helped to me...thank u so much...
Thank goodness for people who do things like this!
This is wonderful. Thanks so much
Thanks a million for the remove-line-breaks tool and the guide to do so in word!
-Dusan Tomic-
Very nice help for removing "line break" for word!
Hi I love the service but have found a little glitch
If you select line breaks for some reason it will always enter a single space break after any word containing 'fi'

Can this pls be fixed if possible

One thing that would make my life easier, was if after the line breaks were removed, there was a way to add a blank line between each line of text. (I hope that makes sense.)
If we take any evil and scratch , you'll find the good from which all once it started.
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