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Texthandler - Text tools and tutorials

Texthandler is the best helper for all who often work with a text, make reports, write articles, prepare text for web publication.

If you've ever needed to convert plain text to html paragraphs, remove line breaks or remove multiple spaces then online services of this site will allow you to save hours of time and to save from tiresome and monotonous operation.

The most popular online text tools on this Website

  • Remove Line Breaks with paragraph restoration - Will help to remove unnecessary line breaks and to recover paragraphs in text. I often had to do this at text editing copied from files in a pdf format,... Here you also can delete double space and blank lines from the text.
  • Remove Multiple Spaces - Will help to remove unnecessary white spaces in text. It halp you replace multiple spaces (double spaces) in a string to single space, remove all spaces, empty space in the line beginning and line end and delete empty lines in your text.
  • Text to HTML - Will help to prepare the text for web publication and to separate paragraphs from each other by tags <br /> or <p>.
  • Letter case converter - Will help to correct the text if typing text you have accidentally keypresses CapsLock and have not noticed it or if it is necessary for you to change case of a spelling of your text.

Useful information with examples for programmers

I'm trying to cover the most common tasks that someone who works with text in web might encounter.

Most of online text tools have been created using javascript so you should be able to change fast large amounts of text as the processing is done on your computer.

These online tools have been tested on most modern browsers and will not work on some older browsers.

Anyways I hope my site has helped you to reach necessary result, and I will grateful, if you recommend Texthandler to yours friends and colleagues.


Mykhailo Dovzhyk!