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Remove line breaks with paragraph restoration

You can remove line breaks (carriage returns) from blocks of text with preserving paragraphs. This online tool gathers paragraphs, can remove double spaces and empty lines in all texts and also removes all spaces and tabulations (Tab) before the paragraph beginning.

Line Break Removal Tool

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This online service is made for all who should work with the text. You likely faced the challenge of line breaks at copying of the text from pdf files, text files, sites and some programs when each copied line, turns to the separate paragraph. It is possible to remove all line breaks from the text, having replaced with their spaces, but as a result you receive one big paragraph that too does not facilitate operation with the text. Therefore I suggest you to use this online service for removal of line breaks and recovery of paragraphs. This site will allow you quickly and simply to delete unnecessary line breaks, having saved paragraphs. Also you have chance to use such useful functions, as removal of double spaces, empty lines and spaces in the beginning of paragraphs.

For programmers the information on is written how to remove all line breaks using Delphi, C#, C++, SQL, Javasqript, PHP, Python. Also it is shown how to remove line breaks in MS Word and MS Excel.